Inventory of Property Heritage of the Azores

Maria Cristina Campilho started her professional practice in 2008, collaborating in the Inventory of Property Heritage of the Azores (Inventário do Património Imóvel dos Açores), on Terceira Island and São Jorge Island.

Since then, the taste for and commitment to projects in the area of heritage involving research aspects has remained.

It is in this context that she provides research and investigation services focused on gathering cultural and architectural heritages, be it related to a technique, an object, a building or a territory.

When requested, the aforementioned collection may be complemented with studies on its contemporary implementation, using advanced rehabilitation, design and sustainability techniques.

Fieldwork team: Maria Cristina Campilho and Joana Mesquita Alves
Coordination: Jorge A. Paulus Bruno
Location: Açores, Portugal
Date: 2008
Photography: Fieldwork team