Almada House

This work consisted in the rehabilitation of a current housing building from the late 18th century in the city of Porto, with the aim of providing permanent accommodation for a young couple.

The fact that the building is located in Almada Street – an integral part of the first phase of the planned urbanisation of the city of Porto – was particularly relevant to the choices made.

Considering the possibility of accommodating the proposed programme to the pre-existing assets, it was intended that the developed project should respect the building’s history, authenticity and distinguishing features. A design approach was therefore adopted which avoided irreversible interventions and which was guided towards a rehabilitation practice based on the preservation of the concepts, materials and techniques associated with the original construction processes.

This project was distinguished in 2014 with an Honourable Mention in the João de Almada Award, a prize for the rehabilitation of architectural heritage of the city of Porto.

Architecture: Maria Cristina Campilho
Collaboration: Luísa Ferreira
Engineering: NCREP
Location: Porto, Portugal
Date: 2012
Photography: Inês Guedes